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What are the different types of chassis tyco designed?

Hybrid Radio control with guidance

Worlds Of Wonder GT Super Screamers Slotless restoration

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so what chassis is the best?

     After repeated testing I found the Aurora Speedsteer chassis produced from 1979 till 1982 to be the best all around TCR chassis. It has proved to be the most versatile, easiest to modify and easiest to tune.

     Close second is the Tyco TCR chassis made from 1990 till 1993. the steering system is not as good as the Aurora speedsteer but due to redesigned downforce from the motor magnets the chassis is faster.

      The early Ideal TCR cars were better then the Tyco Command Control. In fact the early Command Control system from Tyco is and was a miserable failure. Bad steering design, bad power system, it was a disaster. By 1980 Ideal TCR had the Mk.3 chassis and Tyco had the CC-02. The CC-02 was faster, the steering worked better then Ideal. Neither chassis from either company was very good. At that time Aurora released 'speed steer'. Of all three for 1980 Aurora had the best system. By the late 80s everyone was gone except for Tyco and the CC-02, later the CC-025 system. When The CC-03 chassis came out in 1990 and was renamed TCR taking the name rights from Ideal toys that marked the pinnacle of slot-less cars.

      If you want the cheapest, easiest to find, best slot-less system then buy the 1990-1993 Tyco TCR slot less sets. The combination of chassis, power supply and track redesign made it the best it could be from the factory. From a maintenance standpoint the Tyco TCR CC-03 chassis is easiest to work on. Everything could be taken apart and replaced where on the older chassis certain parts were cast as one piece and could not be repaired.

      If you want to get serious, then you need to step up and buy a complete Speedsteer racing track system. that will get you a car with more tuning options. 

     One thing to note: The scale of the cars changed over the years as well.

     The original Ideal TCR cars and trucks were much larger then the Tyco versions. Tyco shrunk down the scale for the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990-93 cars. Overall the Ideal TCR cars are very slow compared to the Tyco Command Control cars and the later CC-03 Tyco TCR cars are much faster then the old Command Control cars. From an aesthetics point of view Tyco had the least amount of body styles some were ugly. Ideal and Aurora always had the nicer looking bodies.


I would like to add The Matchbox RPS system to this list. The Matchbox RPS was a failure as far as sales. The set features some great ideas and i think it should rank right next to the speedsteer chassis as one of the best slotless systems. The problem with the matchbox system is the terrible build quality. Later the Matchbox RPS system was bought by Road champs. The road champ version of the track and cars were superior to the original matchbox. However even the road champs version is lacking and has issues. The best Matchbox system can be constructed by using the Road champs Chassis and bodies combined with the Matchbox RPS turbo hand controllers and power supply with the matchbox RPS terminal track. for the straights the Road champs track sections are superior as well as the later matchbox or road champs curve sections with re-enforced billboard mounts. by mixing various matchbox RPS years and manufacturers you can assemble one of the greatest TCR systems that never existed. Fast cars, Turbo option good selection of track segments in 9" and 15" length and the ability to drive the inside lane with no modifications.The done sides to the Matchox RPS TCR system is how rare it is and how difficult it is to repair the chassis should damage occur.

With that said The speedsteer is right next to Matchbox as far as capability. The speedsteer cars are fast and for HO scale the worm gear steering system is the most accurate and reliable and easiest to repair. You can easily repair broken cars that are 30 years old by swaping new parts.

if you want the very best TCR experience Speedsteer will get you the most bang for buck. if you have extra money and get find one grab the Matchbox RPS system or for even more fun the Matchbox RPS TURBO system.

Learning from and restoring a MatchBox RPS System

Compatibility of different manufactures

     The Aurora Speed steer and Ideal TCR systems used a skinnier track width then the Tyco Command control track. This meant the Chassis for Aurora and Ideal were thinner as well. The Aurora used the same common rail as the Tyco system while Ideal TCR intentionally flipped the common rail opposite the Tyco and Aurora systems. This was done to prevent Ideal cars from running on Tyco and Aurora tracks. However it is possible to run either the Aurora or Ideal Chassis on a Tyco Command Control track system.

      With zero modifications you can run the 'B' Configuration of the Aurora or Ideal TCR chassis on the Tyco system; However they will stall out because of the narrow chassis. The contact shoes will make intermittent contact with the Tyco Track power rails. If you widen the front bumpers on either the Aurora or Ideal TCR chassis they will run just fine on the Tyco tracks because the contact shoes will be centered on the power rails. The 'B' configuration is unique it places the common rail and B rail in the correct orientation to drive the other manufacturer chassis will little issue.

     The Aurora 'A' Chassis configuration can also run on the Tyco track system as well with no modifications but you should widen the front bumper to center the contact shoes on the power rails.

     Running the Ideal TCR 'A' configuration on the Tyco system requires cutting and modification of the contact shoes mounting plates, once modified the chassis cannot be put back on the Ideal track system with out difficulty. 

     Running the Tyco command control system on other tracks first requires shortening of the front bumper to conform to other manufacturers narrow track. When running on the Ideal TCR track the contact shoes mounting plate for the 'A' configuration will need to be cut and modified just as running Ideal on a Tyco would need to be modified.

     So yes it is possible to run other manufacturers vehicles on a Tyco system or vice versa.

     Now using my Universal Power Track you can easily run Ideal TCR 'A' cars on the Tyco system with Zero modifications to the car chassis go back and forth with ease. How to build a Universal Power Track

     There is a lot of confused information on the NET about different manufacturers slot-less cars and compatibility. The information is confusing Ideal TCR with later Tyco TCR and the Aurora Version. Information is incorrect showing Later Tyco TCR cars as being Ideal cars, they are in fact Aurora Speed Steer cars. Incompatibility is due to the 'A' car electrical configuration which can now be easily overcome allowing almost every slot-less car to run on any track.

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